Bean to Cup Coffee Machines – A Luxury for the Coffee Lover

OK, so why did I buy a bean to cup coffee machine?
I lived in Italy for many years and fell in love with their coffee making. However, I don’t really care to grind beans and froth the milk for my coffees, although many coffee lovers swear by this method. So I went out and bought a bean to cup coffee machine and it was the best thing I ever did! These amazing products are extremely functional and perfect the process of grinding the coffee beans from scratch, pressing the beans with 15 bar pump pressure, passing hot water through and producing an amazing cup of fresh coffee within a few minutes.

Some coffee lovers will say that bean to cup coffee machines don’t accurately produce the best coffee, and this may be so, but we’re only talking about a slight decrease in quality. If you are to produce coffee ‘properly’ you need to buy a number of implements to do it, all of which are fairly pricey and take up lots of room in your kitchen, but bean to cup coffee machines contain all of these components internally and the decrease in quality is only roughly around 4%, which isn’t huge is it?

Manufacturers that produce coffee machines in general usually also produce their own bean to cup coffee makers. These products will often include milk carafes (for frothing), the burr grinder and also other features such as configuring temperature of the water (hot water can often make the coffee taste bitter), configuring how to grind the beans to your satisfaction. Often, the machines will have memory features to remember your personal settings. The 15 bar pump pressure usually found in these machines mimic what the professionals use.

You can usually also find cup warmers, adjustable height dispensers (for different sized cups), the ability to add coffee granules if you don’t have coffee beans, removable brewing units and drip trays and auto shut offs to save energy.

All in all, these coffee machines are extremely good value for money when you think about the amount of money coffee lovers like me spend in coffee shops! These machines are usually around the A500 mark, but you can buy much cheaper or indeed more expensive. It all depends on the quality and features you are looking for. Personally, if you are going to spend money on a decent product, you need to spend at least A 500 so as not to be disappointed. Be sure to read my article on breville vs delonghi

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